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Don’t Kill your Babies. Let the Screenplay Ninja Assassinate Them.

What I Do

Need an objective third party to help you take that script from good to great? Look no further!

Why Me?

Not only do I earn my living writing screenplays, I teach screenwriting at Chapman University (one of the top film schools in the country). And if you buy notes direct from the source, you’ll be getting the same feedback my students get, but at a fraction of the cost (they pay nearly $50,000/year).


I’ve also taught screenwriting at Stanford University, and as an award-winning screenwriter who’s read thousands of scripts, there’s nothing I’d rather do than crack open a story and see what makes it tick.


My first feature, Bear with Us, starring Christy Carlson Romano and Cheyenne Jackson, won best feature at nearly a third of the festivals it competed in and is being distributed by Comedy Dynamics.


A digital series I sold to Adaptive Studios (the studio behind HBO’s “Project Greenlight” with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck) will be coming out in 2017.


I’m a full-time screenwriter who’s written movies for the producer of Baywatch, a top WWE/Lucha star, and independent production companies.


My screenplays have won numerous contests.


I was featured in The Black List’s 2016 TV Staffing Book.


I have a BA in Creative Writing from Stanford University and an MFA in Screenwriting from Chapman University.

What people are saying...


“Russ’s insightful notes helped me finish in the Top 30 worldwide in the Academy’s Nicholl Fellowships with my very first script!”


“I found Russ’ input to be invaluable. He was more focused, enthusiastic, and insightful than even my agent.”


“Thanks so much for the quick turnaround. I have to say, after a quick read through – these are terrific. Really thoughtful, specific and actionable. There’s very little that I won’t seriously think through and much I’ll eventually implement.”


“[His analysis] cuts to the heart of the story, bringing to light character problems lurking beneath the surface.”


“I’m glad I found Russell Nickel! His feedback was extremely helpful in determining how to revise my script. Russell goes right to the heart of the story to point out flaws I didn’t see, and he provided extensive notes with specific, actionable feedback for my rewrite. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking professional screenplay coverage and advice.”


“Russ provided me with fantastic feedback. He went very in-depth and showed a great understanding of my material. I recommend his services highly!”



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